Top Instagram Reels Trends to Try This Week

Keeping up with the trends on Instagram is fun! You can see what your favorite celebrities and influencers are up to by checking out their stories or watching some cool and trending reels!

New Instagram Reel trends are popping up every single week. It can be challenging for brands to keep up with all the latest changes, but as an influencer, it’s essential to jump on board and follow the trends if you want to succeed. Who doesn’t want to be a trendsetter and stand out from the crowd, right? So, join me on this exciting journey to discover all the latest and most significant trends on Instagram Reels!

What are the Trending Reels on Instagram?

Instagram Reels trends are fun, but remember that the algorithm may personalize your experience. So, brace yourself for a thrilling ride as we explore the most popular Reels people are raving about right now!

1. Work Smarter, not Harder Thang.

Have you seen the latest reels on Instagram about "working smarter, not harder"? They're pretty cool! Some of them are hilarious, while others are clever. One reel featured a guy mowing his lawn without breaking a sweat. How? Well, he tied his mower to a piece of steel and let it do its job! It saved him energy and time and made him work more efficiently. Plus, it looked like the mower finished the job even faster than usual!

"This may come across as lazy to some, but it's highly innovative."

2. Taylor Swift Era’s Tour: “Staff Enjoying the Job”

Taylor Swift era’s tour is all over social media these days. Some post about them enjoying the show, and others create reels lip-syncing on their favorite song. But TayTay staff went viral as she danced while doing her job. Imagine being a Swiftie and getting paid for it. Witnessing the concert alone is a whole new experience, much more so if you aren't spending any penny for it.

“Staff are swifties, too.”

3. Get Me a Pad with Wings

Have you encountered the latest Instagram trend? It's super cute and silly. Wives or girlfriends are asking their partners to buy them pads with wings, and the results are so funny! Every guy is getting the same thing but with a fun twist - a pad and a wing - a twist that will leave you laughing out loud. Get ready for some extra food for thought and a lot of fun!

“Pads and extra food”

4. #I’m a … #of course trend on IG

The "I am... of course" thing is taking the platform by storm! People are sharing short reels that showcase what makes them and their work unique and different from others. Also, it is a fun way to show the irony of what people think they do based on their company name and what they do. You should check out this super popular short reel on Instagram that has gained a lot of saved audio. Get in on the excitement and see all the buzz!

5. The SpongeBob Dance Craze

Did you know that the SpongeBob dance, created by Merrick, is utterly unrelated to the famous cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants? While the creator's moves may resemble the animated sponge, the dance itself is a high-energy, wiggly, and fun experience that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face. So why not join in on the fun and dance with SpongeBob? Whether you go solo or invite your friends, this dance will surely take you on a whimsical world filled with joy and laughter.

The creators of SpongeBob never imagined that someone could recreate the dance animation in the show.

6. The Same Shirt Prank

Instagram Reels are only complete with these silly pranks. The hilarious trend of husbands wearing the same outfits and wives pretending it's a coincidence has taken social media by storm. The reactions of the husbands seeing each other and the laughs of their wives add to the humor, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

This prank has become so popular that many people are now copying it and adding the trendy “Lil Boo Thang” audio to create an even more playful vibe. And who wouldn't want a burst of laughter and friendship? So why not give it a try? This prank is entirely safe and will surely make you smile!

7. The Magical Book Reel Behind the Scene

Get ready for a sneak peek into the world of Instagram! Have you ever wondered how your favorite influencers create those mesmerizing videos that leave you spellbound? Well, it's time to uncover the secrets behind the curtain. From meticulously planning each shot to revealing the behind-the-scenes of every video, influencers are now more open than ever. Check out the latest Instagram trend - the magical book reel - where the subject appears to enter another dimension in the book. Let this inspire your next reel, or use the audio available to create something unique. With creativity as your key, the possibilities are endless!

8. The “Out of My League” Trend

The Out of My League trend on IG has been gaining popularity lately as a fun and playful way for users to share their dreams and aspirations that might seem out of reach. Some concepts involve posting photos or videos of themselves with something or someone perceived as "out of their league." Others use the same audio creatively to express themselves through their posts. Some influencers also use the audio to present the culture of their recently traveled place. Most of the shared videos and reels using this audio are mainly about self-expression and creativity.

Ironically, the theme of the trend has shifted from ideals of perfection or unattainable standards to expressing authenticity, vulnerability, and humor in a relatable and engaging way.

9. Wearing VS. Styling Trend

The "Wearing vs. Styling" trend on Instagram is an absolute sensation among fashionistas. What's great about this trend is that it encourages people to showcase their creativity and unique fashion sense by experimenting with various outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup looks to create different "wearing" and "styling" scenarios. It's all about exploring your fashion flair while inspiring others with your creative ideas.

So, don't be shy to try it out and share your fashion tips and hacks with the world. It's safe to say that "Wearing vs. Styling" is here to stay and will continue to inspire fashion enthusiasts for a long time. It's so cool to see more and more people use popular audio in their content. It adds a fun and playful touch!

10. IG’s “Funny Filter Faces” Trend

Have you tried Instagram's fun face filters? They're super popular among users, and for good reason- they're a blast! With these filters, you can transform your selfies into hilarious and entertaining creations. Plus, adding a funny song makes the experience all the more enjoyable. There are many filters to choose from, whether you want to look like an animal or cartoon character or add some augmented reality effects. Try these filters to add humor to your day, or engage with friends through a playful challenge! They're a fun way to enhance your Instagram experience and entertain your followers.

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